Become a Taobao Agent, Make money online ! (First make website , then make payment !)

Step 1 :  To be a Taobao Agent . First need have a Taobao agent website . We will make a taobao agent website for you same as this one  but with different domain , then  you can become to be a Taobao Agent. We will guide you to use the website , all in english , very easy .

Step 2:  We will guide you how to find your own customer.

Step 3:  Customer buy items on your agent webiste and pay money to you .

Step 4: We purchase items from taobao and send to you or to your customer from China by EMS,Fedex,or DHL . You only need to pay us  5% service fee . No other hidden fee . The price on your agent website is all decide by you.

More detail:

Q: What is Taobao ? Taobao is same as  Amazon and Ebay . It is the biggest online market of China . The products on Taobao are amazing cheap . Quality are very good . You can find anything in very cheap price .

Q: What is Taobao Agent?  Taobao Agent buy items for people from Taobao .

Q: How can i be a Taobao Agent ?  We will make a website for you same as this one: .  after you have agent website . you can attract customers to buy from your website

Q: What about the shipping expense ?  We send package to you or to your customer from China by EMS ,FEDEX, or DHL ,you will have 50% discount of shipping expensive , very cheap .

Q: Taobao is in Chinese Language , How can i or how can my customer understand it ?   Not worry , you can use Google Chrome browser  , Chrome will translate the website into your language automaticly . Further more , your customer also can shopping directly on your agent website , because your agent website already have almost categories same as taobao .Our taobao agent website is develop by powerful IT team . very easy and friendly to use .

Contact us if you want to be a Taobao agent or want to have a taobao agent website .

We also have another kind of  website :   if you like , we also can make one website same as this one for you .

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How to be a Taobao agent _Make a Taobao agent website

First make website , then make payment ! safe for you .

We can design many kinds of Taobao agent website for you . then you can be a Taobao agent and make money online . We can purchase items for you one Taobao , then send to you or to your customers directly . What more important is that we will also guide you how to find clienes .

You can choose the following kind of taobao agent website which you like . then we make a same one for you .  We also can customize a website for you , you just need to show us a sample or tell us which function you need , then we will make it .      500USD       500USD    500USD    300USD    500USD  500USD