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Become a Taobao Agent, Make money online ! (Only 1.5% service fee for each order !)

Step 1 :  To be a Taobao Agent . First need have a Taobao agent website . We can make a taobao agent website for you same as this one  www.buychina.com  www.yoybuy.com or this one : www.espanatao.com but with different domain , then  you can become to be a Taobao Agent. We will guide you to use the website , all in english , very easy .

Step 2:  We will guide you how to find your own customer.

Step 3:  Customer buy items on your agent webiste and pay money to you .

Step 4: We purchase items from taobao and send to you or to your customer from China by DHL China post , Fedex or EMS . You only need to pay us  1.5% service fee for each order. No other hidden fee . The price on your agent website is all decide by you.

More detail:

Q: What is Taobao ? Taobao is same as  Amazon and Ebay . It is the biggest online market of China . The products on Taobao are amazing cheap . Quality are very good . You can find anything in very cheap price .

Q: What is Taobao Agent?  Taobao Agent buy items for people from Taobao .

Q: How can i be a Taobao Agent ?  We will make a website for you same as this one: www.buychina.com www.yoybuy.com  www.espantao.com.  after you have agent website . you can attract customers to buy from your website

Q: What about the shipping expense ?  We send package to you or to your customer from China by EMS ,FEDEX, or DHL ,you will have 50% discount of shipping expensive , very cheap .

Q: Taobao is in Chinese Language , How can i or how can my customer understand it ?   Not worry , you can use Google Chrome browser  , Chrome will translate the website into your language automaticly . Further more , your customer also can shopping directly on your agent website , because your agent website already have almost categories same as taobao .Our taobao agent website is develop by powerful IT team . very easy and friendly to use .

Contact us if you want to be a Taobao agent or want to have a taobao agent website .

We also can customize the function you want , All kind of language is ok ,  such as English , Spanish , Russian , Dutch , gernman . please feel free to contact us by email !

Contact us by Email : bbbbbuy@live.com

Every Order , We will take photo for you and your customers . We will check the Size , Quality for best service !



www.espanatao.com   both english and spanish version

www.panli.com   both chinese and english version












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Best Taobao agent , Cheapest taobao agent , Only 1.5% Service Fee

You also can become a taobao agent . and make your own money online . we will help you

first step:   we make a taobao agent websitesite for you

seconde : you find your own customers or your friend by bbs facebook twitter forum calssify advertisement website. we also can guide you how to find customers .

third stpe : your customer buy taobao items on your taobao agent website and pay money to you

fourth step:  we buy taobao items and send to you by the cheapest international shipping method such as China Post , DHL , EMS , or Hongkong post or swiss post .  Our international shipping fee is the cheapest among all the taobao agent , really .  because other taobao agent make money not only charge you service fee , they also hidden the shipping fee . they not tell you truth of international shipping fee . so they can make money , for example , the shiping fee is actually 15usd, but they tell you is 20 or 25usd ,  so make a lot of money .  we will give you the cheapest shipping fee .

Fee we charge :  for make a taobao agent website its  300usd to 500usd .  and for each order you make , we only charge you 1.5% service fee. and no other hidden fee .

the following are several taobao agent website we can make :

www.espanatao.com  both English and Spanish version



www.panli.com   but english version

Contact us if you need more information:      bbbbbuy@live.com


What is taobao agent?

Taobao agent is a kind of online shop that buy product on taobao.com and send to foreign country for the customer . Taobao.com is the biggest online shopping website in China , the transaction of Taobao is bigger than Amazon or Ebay . If you not trust ,you can google it . in 2012 the anual transaction already bigger than Amazon or Ebay , become the biggest online shopping website . On the website you can find millions of  cheapest and good quality product .

Both Taobao.com  and Tmall.com  belong to Alibaba.com  company  .

What the taobao agent do is buy these product from the taobao seller , then send them to foreign country by internationshipping company ,  The cheapest shipping method is China post air , the most quickly one is  DHL . which arrive about 3 to 5 days . begin from 2011 , Buy cheap product on taobao become very popular , and many people include foreign people make good money by open taobao agent website . because they not need to worry about the product resource . the not worry about the international shipping . the payment also not problem , almost customer pay money by paypal .

So the most important thing is find customer . there are several efficient method you can use to find many customer .  the first one is write blog  ,  then is make free  advertisement on your local calssify advertisement website ,  you also can write article in forum . there are also other method that need pay little money , such as make advertisement on facebook , facebook have a function to make advertisement ,  have you found that ??  when you open facebook everday , have you see some advertisement on the right of the page ??? yeah ,  that is ,  people pay money by facebook , then they can make advertisement ,  generally you can set the bid price for every click about 0.1usd more or less . because facebook charge the money when people click it , if people not click , you not pay , you can set each day how much money of advertisement you want pay . you can set which kind of person can see the ad , such as age from 16 to 40 ,  you can specify the interesting to be person who like “online shopping ”  , so the advertisement is efficiency , you can really find people who will buy from you .

if you can have some stable customer , then you can really make money at home , its not joke  .  your only job is focus on find the customer by free way or paid way .

Of course if you want to become a taobao agent you need a website ,  you find the right person .

we can make a good taobao agent website for you .  we can buy taobao products and pack them , then send to you or your customers . that is what we do . we only charge 1.5% service fee .  the cheapest in the world . because we want a long and stable business relationship , in this business you play the important role and we try our best to help you .

if you still have some question , please feel very free to contact us , our team will help you to build your business .

Email: bbbbbuy@live.com



Werde ein Taobao-Agent, Geld verdienen online! (Stellen Sie zunächst Website, dann die Zahlung vornehmen!)

Schritt 1: Um eine Taobao-Agent zu sein. Zunächst müssen eine Taobao Agent Website. Wir können ein taobao Mittel Website für Sie gleichen wie dieser www.buychina.com  www.yoybuy.com oder einen machen: www.espanatao.com aber mit unterschiedlichen Domain, dann können Sie sich auf ein Taobao-Agent zu sein. Wir begleiten Sie auf der Website alle in Englisch, sehr einfach zu verwenden.

Schritt 2: Wir werden Sie, wie Sie Ihre eigenen Kunden zu finden.

Schritt 3: Kunden kaufen Artikel auf Ihrer Mittel webiste und zahlen Geld an Sie.

Schritt 4: Wir kaufen Produkte von Taobao und senden Ihnen oder Ihren Kunden von China durch China-Post DHL, Fedex oder EMS. Sie müssen nur an uns zu zahlen 2% Servicegebühr. Keine andere versteckte Gebühr. Der Preis auf dem Agent Website dreht sich alles entscheiden, von Ihnen.

Mehr Detail:

F: Was ist Taobao? Taobao ist die gleiche wie Amazon und Ebay. Es ist die größte Online-Markt von China. Die Produkte auf Taobao sind erstaunlich billig. Qualität sind sehr gut. Sie können alles in sehr günstigen Preis zu finden.

F: Was ist Taobao-Agent? Taobao Agent-Gegenstände kaufen für Menschen aus Taobao.

F: Wie kann ich eine Taobao-Agent sein? Wir machen eine Website für Sie elbe wie diese: www.taobaoagentworld.com. nachdem Sie Mittel Website. Sie können die Kunden zu gewinnen, um von Ihrer Website zu kaufen

F: Was ist mit dem Versand Kosten? Wir senden Paket an Sie oder Ihre Kunden von China durch EMS, FEDEX, oder DHL, haben Sie 50% Rabatt für den Versand teuer, sehr billig.

Q: Taobao ist in der chinesischen Sprache, wie kann ich oder wie kann meine Kunden verstehen? Keine Sorge, können Sie Google Chrome Browser, Chrome wird die Website automatisch in Ihre Sprache zu übersetzen. Weiter mehr, können Sie Ihre Kunden auch direkt auf Ihre Website Mittel einkaufen, denn Ihre Mittel Website haben schon fast Kategorien elbe wie Taobao Taobao Agent .Our Website zu entwickeln, indem leistungsfähige IT-Team. sehr einfach und freundlich zu bedienen.

Kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie eine Taobao Agent sein möchten oder einen taobao Mittel Website haben.

Wir können auch die Funktion, die Sie wünschen, wenden Sie sich bitte an uns per E-Mail zu kontaktieren!

E-Mail: bbbbbuy@live.com

Jeder Auftrag, wir Foto für Sie und Ihre Kunden. Wir werden die Größe, Qualität für besten Service zu überprüfen!







Станьте Таобао, Зарабатывать деньги онлайн! (Прежде всего, необходимо автора, то произвести оплату!)


Шаг 1: Чтобы быть Агент Taobao. Первый нужно есть риэлтор сайт Taobao. Мы можем сделать риэлтор сайт Taobao для вас же, как этот один www.buychina.com  www.yoybuy.com или этот: www.espanatao.com но с другой домен, то вы можете стать, чтобы быть Taobao агент. Мы поможем вам использовать веб-сайт, все на английском языке, очень легко.

Шаг 2: Мы поможем вам, как найти свой ​​собственный клиент.

Шаг 3: Клиент покупать вещи на вашем агента Webiste и платить деньги к вам.

Шаг 4: Мы покупаем элементов из Taobao и послать к вам или к вашему клиенту из Китая по почте DHL Китай, FedEx или EMS. Вам нужно всего лишь заплатить нам за услугу 2%. Нет другие скрытые платы. Цена на своем сайте агента все решают Вами.


Вопрос: Что такое Taobao? Taobao является такой же, как Amazon и Ebay. Это самый большой онлайн рынок Китая. Продукты на Taobao удивительны дешево. Качество очень хорошее. Вы можете найти все, в очень дешевой цене.

Вопрос: Что такое Taobao агент? Taobao агент покупать вещи для людей из Taobao.

Q: Как я могу быть Taobao агент? Мы сделаем сайт для вас же, как этот: www.taobaoagentworld.com. после того как вы сайт риэлтор. Вы можете привлекать клиентов, чтобы купить с Вашего сайта

Вопрос: А как насчет счет доставки? Мы посылаем пакет к вам или к вашему клиенту из Китая по EMS, FedEx, DHL или, вы будете иметь 50% скидку на доставку дорого, очень дешево.

Вопрос: Taobao является в китайском языке, как я могу и как может мой клиент понимает это? Не волнуйтесь, вы можете использовать Google Chrome браузер, Chrome будет перевести сайт на ваш язык автоматически. Более того, ваш клиент также может покупки непосредственно на вашем сайте агента, потому что ваш сайт агент уже почти категории же, как Taobao .our Таобао сайте является разработка мощной ИТ-команды. очень простым и дружественным в использовании.

Свяжитесь с нами, если вы хотите быть агентом Taobao или хотите иметь веб-сайт Таобао.

Мы также можем настроить нужную функцию, пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь обращаться к нам по электронной почте!

E-mail: bbbbbuy@live.com

Каждый заказ, мы примем фото для вас и ваших клиентов. Мы проверим размер, качество для лучшего обслуживания!

www.espanatao.com    английская версия или версия России

www.buychina.com   английская версия или версия России

www.yoybuy.com   английская версия или версия России

www.panli.com  английская версия или версия России




How to be a Taobao agent _Make a Taobao agent website

We can design many kinds of Taobao agent website for you . then you can be a Taobao agent and make money online . We can purchase items for you one Taobao , then send to you or to your customers directly . What more important is that we will also guide you how to find clients . and the service fee for each order only 1% .

You can choose the following kind of taobao agent website which you like . then we make a same one for you .  We also can customize a website for you , you just need to show us a sample or tell us which function you need , then we will make it .

we can make same website same as  the following:



www.espanatao.com   both spanish and english version

www.panli.com  both chinese and english version